Development  instructions

Development: Create a new JAMBED

You can easily apply the FaceBoard JAMBED formula to create their own inspiring learning games on any topic. To create a new JAMBED from scratch click on the main hamburger drop down menu from any page on the app. Select 'new JAMBED'. A NEW JAMBED pop up window will now appear. Complete all of the open fields by adding a relevant name, description and image. Enterprise level users can choose to protect their IP by saving it to their private library. Decide if you would like to keep it open

Development: Add, preview and edit questions

Lets take a look at how to add new, preview and edit new and existing JAMBEDs. From within the public or private Library, use the search bar to search for the relevant JAMBED. Once located use the mini dropdown menu and select 'preview and edit'

Development: Add and edit outcomes

Essentially you need to Specify what skills, knowledge, values and attitudes does the JAMBED cover? These may be from a formal syllabus or simply what you wish to achieve by playing this JAMBED. Creating and allocating outcomes to questions adds value to the post game reports generated.

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