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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a JAMBED?

The word JAMBED is an acronym, derived from the first letters of each character in the FaceBoard family: Jolt, Advance, Mystery, Blaps, Explain and Demonstrate. JAMBED is the original 'board'

Can I play FaceBoard offline?

Yes. The FaceBoard Brain allows you to play offline.

Can I play FaceBoard by myself?

FaceBoard has been designed to be played in a group learning environment. The group is split up into teams and the teams are competing against each other.

Can I develop my own JAMBED (game)?

Yes. The app equips YOU to plug YOUR knowledge into the JAMBED framework, generating a custom developed game for your next training session

Does each player need their own device to be able to play FaceBoard?

No, not necessarily. The game requires a minimum of 1 device that all players can see. However individuals or teams can JOIN A GAME using a personal device. The classroom setup is flexible based on the infrastructure available

How much time in needed to play FaceBoard?

It depends on what your goals for the session are. It might not be required to play all the questions in a JAMBED. The app allows for facilitators to plan their session to ensure that certain topics are covered in the time allocated. For optimal learning and to keep all the participants engaged it is recommended not to play for more than 2.5 hours at a time.

What is a Face?

A Face is a character that represents a unique type of activity that needs to be completed by players. Each Face has an attached set of instructions that needs to be followed by players. Jolt, Advance, Mystery, Blaps, Explain & Demonstrate are all Faces.

What is a Board?

A board is the collective noun for a family of Faces. JAMBED is the original board comprising of Jolt, Advance, Mystery, Blaps, Explain & Demonstrate

What is a 'faceboard'?

A faceboard is the name we use for each of our 'blended learning' courses. A faceboard comprises of specific course content that is plugged into a particular 'board' e.g. JAMBED. The public library is filled with a range of different faceboards

Can I create my own playing rules for a game?

Yes. With the 'Face design wizard' add-on you can design your own Faces. Each new Face has an attached set of unique playing instructions that you can customise. This gives you the flexibility and power to create your own learning game powered by

Can I 'White label' FaceBoard? Customise branding and design?

Yes. The Enterprise licence includes a 'White label'. Custom branding & design wizard'. This allows you to re-skin the FaceBoard app with colours that match you corporate identity, custom branding and login page.