Playing instructions



JOLT Playing Instructions

With a JOLT, everyone competes. Place the die in the centre. Reveal or read the card. The first player to grab the die may speak but must do so without hesitation. If the answer is insufficient, the die must be replaced for others to pick up and respond. Continue until a satisfactory answer is given. Free trial users should substitute the die with a suitable object e.g a stress ball

ADVANCE Playing Instructions

The Advance is a statement, not a question. It describes a good or positive behaviour that has benefits down the line and is deserving of a reward. The playing team is immediately and automatically awarded one token. Now they must unpack all the benefits resulting from this positive belief, habit, knowledge or skill. Depending on how well this is done up to 3 additional tokens may be awarded. 


MYSTERY Playing Instructions

The Mystery is designed to be a creative and fun task. Therefore the playing team should expect the unexpected and not be surprised if they are required to draw a picture, sing a song, perform a dance or post a tweet.  Award up to 3 tokens based on the level of creativity and insight and full team participation. 

BLAPS Playing Instructions

The Blaps is a statement, not a question stating a frequently made mistake, belief, habit or lack of knowledge that has repercussions. The playing team is automatically and immediately penalised 4 tokens and must go into debt if they have insufficient tokens. They can redeem up to 3 tokens if they are able to unpack all the repercussions of this mistake. 

EXPLAIN Playing Instructions

The Explain requires the players to probe a matter further. The playing team's response may require an explanation, an opinion, a comparison or a suggestion. Award up to 3 tokens depending on the level of accuracy, insight and team participation.

DEMONSTRATE Playing Instructions

The Demonstrate is an instruction requiring players to perform an action or role play, as opposed to a discussion in the Explain. Award up to 3 tokens for full team participation, the ability to demonstrate the required level of skill and insight. 


CHOICE Playing Instructions


If the playing team lands on a Choice they have the option to choose either a Jolt, Explain, Mystery or Demonstrate. Advance and Blaps are excluded. ​​