Different Learning Styles

In rural Zimbabwe, a group of farmers were being trained in Tree Planting and Tending. The facilitator used FaceBoard to refresh previous training sessions.

One of the playing groups landed on the Mystery icon. The instruction was to sing a song about the best time to plant seedlings and why.

As the group huddled to work out their response, an older man, who had been quiet until then, took the lead. Within their allocated time the team performed a clever, insightful rap that fully answered the question, with the old man, beaming and animated as the star performer, drawing admiration from all around. No one had been aware of his talent until then.

Interestingly, once he had had the chance to shine, he was silent no more and participated eagerly in the rest of the game.

So often in learning situations, learners whose preferred style of learning is more right brained, involving music, drawing or movement, are not catered for. The FaceBoard game is carefully designed to give participants, like the man in Zimbabwe an opportunity to shine and use their talents.

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