“Don’t let them say no to this”

A group of staff from a corporate client were playing the FaceBoard Workplace Diversity JAMBED.

The client was considering using the game to drive an awareness of diversity in the workplace.

The atmosphere was relaxed. There was laughter. The groups had already openly discussed

behaviours of certain types of people that were irritating, they had performed a song and dance from one of the cultures represented in the group, and now they were discussing a video clip they’d just watched where stereotypical cultural roles were reversed.

As they did this, I overheard a participant saying to the HR manager, “Don’t let management say no to buying this game”.

It is clear why he felt this way. In a playful atmosphere, serious issues can be discussed without

tension, without it being taken personally. People learn things about each other, their cultures, and other ways in which they differ, and also, how to deal with this and be more tolerant.

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