Getting more bang for your (training) buck

We want every cent spent on training to deliver maximum results, right? This means every learning opportunity should be geared towards maximum effectiveness - using every possible way to utilise and engage learner’s and their brains.

So what engages the brain more, typing on a keyboard or physically manipulating a pen, pencil or stylus?

According to research from a Norwegian Neuroscience Laboratory (NCBI 2017), more of the brain is actively engaged when learners actually manipulate a pen or pencil as opposed to typing on a keyboard.

This means that responses, when written or drawn by hand are more readily remembered than typed ones.

Considering that eLearning is all about keyboard responses, it means the benefits of sensory-motor integration are lost.

The FaceBoard game has a variety of activities requiring participants to draw or write, which adds to the stickiness of their learning!


van der Meer, A. & van der Weel, FR. (2017). Only Three Fingers Write, but the Whole Brain Works: A High-Density EEG Study Showing Advantages of Drawing Over Typing for Learning. Available: Last accessed June 27th 2017.