“You often do this”

Dave was a divisional manager for a bank. He was tasked to hold bi weekly meetings to drive a company values campaign, but didn’t know how to make these compulsory sessions engaging and meaningful.

We designed a FaceBoard JAMBED around the company values to ensure his team could not only list the values (which is frequently the most employees are able to do), but also demonstrate associated behaviours and explain the purpose of such a campaign.

One of the playing groups landed on the Blaps icon. The statement read: You find it difficult to

control your emotions and sometimes say things that will hurt people.

She turned to her manger as said, “You often do this” A brutally honest observation. The manager looked a little dumbstruck at first, as the comment sank in and then to his credit, thoughtfully acknowledged that perhaps she was right.

In the game environment, such honesty was possible and the potential results for that team cannot be measured.

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