Find Your Wings

Are you a victim of this? Are you inflicting this?

If you are a learning practitioner and have been through the traditional schooling system, the chances are your wings were clipped and you are being forced to do the same to your learners.

The current education system, pretty much unchanged for the past 200 years and which was designed to create good factory workers, forces you, a learning practitioner to forego your creativity and independent thinking and become a wing clipper.

In that design, you may not question authority, so control and obedience is maintained through fear – for both you and your learner; you fear poor results; you fear looking stupid; you fear seeming disruptive. Neither you nor anyone else can flourish in a fearful environment.

Factory assembly lines have no space for independence, creative thinking or problem solving, so any evidence you show of creativity is probably cropped at all costs. Flights of imagination and fantasy are forbidden, so your wings are chopped relentlessly.

The only certainty about the years ahead is that they will be very different from anything we have known before, so it is clear our current, traditional approaches to learning are simply not sufficient. They will not allow you to produce the entrepreneurs and creatives; building and creating a future that changes daily. Nor will our current teaching approaches generate learners who are able to compete and contribute in a future dominated by A.I.

It isn’t your fault. You are stuck in a system that clips your wings in the same way you are forced to clip those of your learners. You have an outdated, content heavy curriculum to get through; you have huge administrative loads; you have extracurricular duties, and many of you have large classes. This keeps you grounded along with your learners, with no time for creativity and innovation.

So, here’s help:

FaceBoard is a learning tool built on the premise that people know more than they think they do. The JAMBED game design is a series of questions and activities that foster different types and levels of thinking, different modes of learning, sharing ideas and creative thought.

The Open Source app allows for the creation of a specific JAMBED that will bring the learning space to life. In the same time that it takes you to set a test, a JAMBED can be created. Or better still, learners can create their own JAMBED and learn twice as much in the process.


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