How to Go Beyond Bloom's Cognitive Domain

You are diligent when it comes to your assessments, making sure that all the cognitive levels of Blooms Taxonomy of Learning are addressed in the correct proportions. Good.

But the truth is, just as this flower is incomplete without all three petals, so will your pupil's learning be incomplete if you focus only on Bloom's Cognitive Domain, without applying two other critical domains: the Affective and the Psychomotor Domain to your teaching. An absence of any one of the interconnected domains will render the learning experience incomplete and less effective.

A teaching approach, taking all three domains into consideration creates a holistic, brain friendly learning experience, encompassing different learning styles and modes of learning while stimulating different areas of the brain. This embeds knowledge in the long-term memory, allowing for easier retrieval of information.

If your busy schedule and the demands of the curriculum make it difficult for you to take the Affective and Psychomotor Domains into consideration, consider using a tool, like FaceBoard that already has all three domains embedded into the design.


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