“Training doesn’t work!”

And it is true. Training is often not as effective as one would like. Frequently employees report that the training was boring, a waste of time or you don’t see improved results and a ROI from your training.

Is it possible for employees to look forward to training, for the training content to be presented in a way that makes it stick, or reinforce what they already know?

It absolutely is.

Recently we played the FaceBoard Leadership JAMBED with a group of employees who have been promoted to supervisory level. They had shared what they know regarding delegation, giving feedback and deep listening. They had watched a video clip of Mandela's first day in the office as depicted in Invictus. They then undertook to call their staff, clarify the way forward while allaying fears regarding a change in their management. Together they had drawn up a leadership blueprint that would assist them in their new role.

Their comments after 2.5 hours of play were: It’s so simple, yet so effective. Where did the time go? Usually, at training, I’m thinking of the meal I need to prepare for tonight or such things. Today the time just flew and I’ve learnt a lot!

This is the power of FaceBoard’s 'brain friendly learning' model: gamification very specifically designed to satisfy different learning needs and styles, require learners to think in different ways, whilst being fun. More can be achieved in a cost effective short session of play than a day long training session. Participants leave feeling empowered and stimulated.

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