This eJAMBED is in line with SAQA Unit Standard 254135: Apply the techniques for operating four wheel drive (4WD) vehicles, in on-road and off-road conditions.

The course is for learners seeking to apply the basic concepts of 4WD. It will enable the learner to demonstrate the basic knowledge and skills required to handle a 4WD, on-road and off-road, perform vehicle preparation, understand preventative maintenance and handle basic recovery situations and equipment, in an environmentally considerate manner.
  • Overview

    Name 4x4
    Author  Hansie Zietsman
    Who is it for? Anyone that drives a 4WD off road vehicle
    • Identifying the range of features, vehicle options and capabilities of a 4WD vehicle
    • Demonstrating an understanding of the preparation of a vehicle for off-road conditions
    • Demonstrating a basic understanding of the various chassis and suspension configurations
    • Demonstrating a basic understanding of a drive train
    • Operating a 4WD vehicle in off-road conditions
    Customisable? Yes