Business Etiquette eJAMBED

Business Etiquette eJAMBED

The FaceBoard Business Etiquette JAMBED recognises that South Africa is very culturally diverse. However for an organisation to succeed in a professional environment employees must have business etiquette.The JAMBED was developed based on US 14359: Behave in a professional manner in a business environment. NQF level 02. Professional business etiquette lays the foundation to a successful organisation
  • Overview

    Name Business Etiquette
    Author  Lenore Zietsman
    Who is it for?

    Based on US 14359. NQF level 02.

    Nes employees and mature school learners

    • Behaving appropriately in the workplace
    • Interpreting body language
    • Meeting and greeting people correctly
    • Applying business ethics  


    Customisable? Yes