Foundation Business eJAMBED

Foundation Business eJAMBED

Imagine the power of having all employees take on their daily tasks with a business orientated mindset. In this way everybody would strive towards maximizing profit by increasing turn over and reducing costs without compromising on quality.

This can be realised with the FaceBoard Foundation Business JAMBED. The JAMBED simplifies the understanding and calculation of basic business principles.
  • Overview

    Name Foundation Business
    Author  Lenore Zietsman
    Who is it for?

    All staff requiring basic information on business principles like where the money goes, productivity, waste etc

    • Break even analysis
    • Turn over
    • Gross and net profit
    • Fixed and variable costs
    • Mark up
    • Cost per unit
    • Cost management
    • Ethics
    • Business goal setting 


    Customisable? Yes