Mentor eJAMBED

Mentor eJAMBED

The FaceBoard Mentor eJAMBED focuses on developing successful mentors within an organisation. There are many misconceptions regarding the qualities and methods of an ideal mentor.

A mentee, under correct mentorship, will significantly increase their value within the organisation.
  • Overview

    Name Mentor
    Author  Lenore Zietsman
    Who is it for?

    When organisations have staff on training and development programmes, those people should be mentored. This JAMBED is for them

    • Reinforcing positive areas of performance
    • Responsibilities
    • Sub conscious learning
    • Overcoming barriers
    • Roles of mentor and mentee
    • Providing feedback (not criticism)
    • Listening 
    • Non verbal communication
    • Earning respect


    Customisable? Yes