FaceBoard Mini Brain

FaceBoard Mini Brain

R1 000,00Price

The FaceBoard Mini Brain is a handy backup in case of a NO INTERNET emergency. 


With this matchbox size device, you can access the FaceBoard App from anywhere at any time on any device without an internet connection.

FaceBoard is suited to all levels of learning and is often played in areas that do not have a reliable internet connection. It provides uninterrupted access to the FaceBoard App. It can power the FaceBoard App via its local wifi hotspot on several devices at once with no data costs. 


The Mini Brain has slightly slower app speeds when compared to the FaceBoard Brain and Neuroblast. These are therefore recommended permanent offline alternatives. 

  • How does it work?

    The FaceBoard Brain was designed for playing FaceBoard in rural areas that do not have access to a reliable internet connection. When the Mini Brain is powered up it creates a local FaceBoard WIFI hotspot that any surrounding device can connect too. This will automatically open an internet browser that acts as a portal into the FaceBoard app without any data costs