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The Blast is the latest addition to our offline hardware add-ons. The patent-pending design incorporates the unique offline functionality introduced with the FaceBoard Brain with several added benefits:


  • Smart Dice roll. The statistical weighting of the digital dice adjusts in real-time according to the specific game that is being played. 
  • Battery-powered. The 5000mah rechargeable batteries will power a wireless FaceBoard experience for 6+ hours.
  • 3 button controller. Players can now directly control the game dynamics taking the technical responsibility off the facilitator. After setup, the entire playing cycle can be controlled with the 3 buttons.
  • New Faces. The digital dice means that we can introduce new Faces outside of the original JAMBED family. New Faces can have their own unique rules sets giving much more flexibility in designing learning games that leverage off the FaceBoard platform. 


When the Blast is switched on, it creates a local FaceBoard WIFI hotspot that any surrounding device can connect too. Connecting to the wifi will automatically open an internet browser which will act as a portal into the FaceBoard App. A seamless, fast and wireless experience without any data costs.