Classroom Setup Scenario 1

All participants watch 1 device controlled by the facilitator in DESKTOP mode

This device can be connected to a monitor, TV or projector for a larger audience



MOBILE mode has been optimised for smaller devices with bigger icons and buttons.

It guides the facilitator through the playing cycle with step by step prompts

Can be used as a handheld remote to control the flow of the game

Should NOT be projected because it will reveal the suggested response to players


DESKTOP mode has full access to all facilitator navigation options

CAN be projected for all players to see

Can be used in conjunction with MOBILE mode running on a separate device signed into the same facilitator account

When you select Quick start on any device the app will determine what type of device you are using and open the game in either MOBILE or DESKTOP mode

You can manually override this feature and switch between MOBILE and DESKTOP modes using the Now Playing sub drop down in the main Hamburger drop down menu

Setup Instructions for PLAYER JOIN game



Share the ID & PIN with players 

Continue playing as per usual. All inputs will auto sync on the player’s device


Players go to in a browser window on any personal device. Select Player Join Game button

Players enter the ID & PIN shared by the facilitator. Select Join. It will say no questions to show if the game has not started yet

Players will only be able to view the current question/ task, countdown preparation timer and any attached media. They are also able to see the suggested response after it has been revealed by the facilitator